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Artificial Intelligence: 

What is AI Art?

AI art refers to art generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence. AI is a field of computer science that focuses on building machines that mimic human intelligence or even simulate the human brain through a set of algorithms.

AI can construct novel works through machine learning, using various self-learning algorithms that derive knowledge from data. AI art is the result of a collaboration between an artist and an AI system, but the level of autonomy can vary considerably, and the outcome relies heavily on the quality of the data the AI learns from.

To create AI-generated art, artists use AI as a creative tool and work with algorithms to set up specific rules through which machines analyze thousands of images to comprehend a particular creation process, like a specific style or aesthetic.

The algorithms then generate novel forms, shapes, figures, and patterns to produce new works. Besides machines, AI artists also collaborate with creative coders, statisticians, computer scientists, and neuroscientists to build machines that push the boundaries of human creativity.

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Featured Community Event

World Cyanotype Day Event

For many of us Cyanotype Day is every day! Our World Cyanotype Day Instagram page has over 10,000 followers. It is always a delight to discover and share the many different interpretations of this enduring process by artists from all around the world.


The World Cyanotype Day Celebration will be hosted again this year on September 30 by The Big Camera and Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Last year there were over 300 flags displayed for the month of October. Thousands of visitors to Ijams saw the flags and the staff said they were comments and questions about them every day.


The theme this year is “Inheritance” - something that could be received from past generations - it might be a possession, such as the necklace in the Cyanotype of my mother, or a condition, or a trait… open to anyone’s interpretation.


The Cyanotype flags need to be 12x12 fabric squares and sent by September 25 to:


Anna Lawrence / The Big Camera

2012 Emoriland Blvd.

Knoxville TN 37917


Return shipping is required if the flags are to be returned.


The Big Camera has already had one Cyanotype workshop this spring with many more to come - hopefully we will have more interest in World Cyanotype Day this year.

Last year we received 35 flags from LabClube in Brazil for World Cyanotype Day. They kindly allowed us to keep them until this spring and they have been displayed at several local libraries around Knoxville.

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