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Shootapalooza: 6 Word Story

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

                            ~ Ernest Hemmingway

Rumor has it that Ernest Hemmingway wrote a 6-word story from a $10 bet. Unfortunately, this is not true and has been debunked.  However, it has given a terrific way to challenge your writing skills. Educators, Masterclass Writers, and Artists have used this exercise to improve their ability to connect using only 6 words.

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Featured Community Event




Submit by April 20, 2023

"World Cyanotype Day Facebook Group" is pleased to offer an online exhibition opportunity for its members.


Shootapalooza member, DB Waltrip, does an amazing job cultivating our mission of connecting art and community by managing this fast-growing group of artists from around the globe.  


World Cyanotype Day Event

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