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"We have to get better 

at helping each other"

~Judy Sherrod

Judy had an idea...

Judy Sherrod and her dog, B, wander a lot.  She traveled in her swanky Air Stream and soaked up her surroundings.  Meeting people, exploring and  was always asking "what else can we do?"

"We have to get better at helping each other" 


This is the concept that Shootapalooza was built upon.  A group of rambunctious artists were brought together by Judy, and what she saw was something bigger and brighter, so that's what we do!  We create art that benefits its communities, and strive to promote art that brings other humans together.  

In September 2015, World Cyanotype Day, was inaugurated with members of Shootapalooza, A. Smith Gallery, along with the community of Johnson City, Texas, by creating one of the largest cyanotypes: Big BlueThis was another brainchild of Judy and her imagination, which has grown to become a yearly International movement, of creating prayer flags to celebrate the cyanotype process in the month of September. (click the above links for more information)


Sadly, our founder unexpectedly passed away on July 28, 2017.  The legacy of this idea that Judy had continues to ebb and flow without confining structure and in all directions simultaneously.  We have continued to strive to connect art and community. 


To say the least this would have made her , "Jolly, Jolly, Jolly!"

In loving memory of 

Judy Francis Sherrod

Wichita Falls, Texas

Jul 6, 1956 – Jul 28, 2017

In Memorium: Judy Sherrod - LENSCRATCH

World Cyanotype Day 2015 - LENSCRATCH

Kevin Tully Interviews Judy Sherrod about Shootapalooza - South x Southeast photomagazine (

Letter From Shootapalooza by Judy Sherrod - South x Southeast photomagazine (

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