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Shootapalooza 2022 at the Griffin!


September 8 – October 2, 2022

Cyanotype Workshop | September 10, 2022 10am to 2pm Eastern - Griffin Terrace Artist Reception | September 10, 2022 4pm to 6pm - Griffin Museum

Connecting Art and Community, the group Shootapalooza is in the Main Gallery highlighting the diversity of craft, the unique perspectives of each of its members and celebrating the art of photography. The theme for this collection of works is Enlighten, and each artist is speaking to the light and life that creativity brings to each of us. Participating Artists – Aline Smithson, Amy Jasek, Ann George, Anne Connor, Carolyn Knorr, Cecilia Broder, Diane Fenster, Donna Moore, DorRae Stevens, Ellie Ivanova, Fran Forman, Gina Costa, Jane Fulton Alt, Liese Ricketts, Patricia Delker, Patricia Bender, Jackie Stoken, Marti Corn, Melanie Walker, Paula Riff, Ronna Schary, Sandra Klein, Sara Silks, Shari Rohde Trennert, Susan Huber, Socorro Mucino, Teresa Tarara, Valerie Burke, Vicki Reed and Vicky Stromee

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