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Aline Smithson: Self & Others


Aline Smithson, friend to photographers everywhere, publisher of LenScratch, the daily photography blog considered one of the 10 photography-related blogs you should be reading, and a photographer who STILL SHOOTS FILM, has given us a monograph of her twenty years with a camera.

The monograph, Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography, explores three facets of Aline’s portraiture, black & white, hand-painted, and colour. Published October 1, 2015, it contains 214 pages and more than one hundred photographs from eighteen bodies of work.

Photographer Sarah Hadley, also the Founder and Executive Director of the Filter Photo Festival in Chicago, interviews Aline for F-STOP Photography Magazine.

You will enjoy the interview. >>>>> F-STOP <<<<<

And you may purchase a copy of Self & Others here.





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