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Vicky Stromee: best of 2015


Vicky Stromee joined shootapalooza at its second Port Aransas gathering in February, 2015.  During that artistic murmuration, she referred to shootapalooza as, “creative chaos,” and we happily claim the designation.

A committed long-distance driver (it’s 1000 miles from Tucson to Port Aransas), she has since been to two additional get-togethers, the celebration of A Smith Gallery’s fifth anniversary in Johnson City on June 27 as well as the re-opening celebration on World Cyanotype Day, September 19, 2015.


It was no surprise to any of us when we learned Vicky had received one of the American Society of Media Professional’s highest honors, ASMP’s “Best of 2025.” This is how ASMP describes the award:

2015 marks the XI anniversary of our annual publication of the Best of ASMP. This year, our three illustrious jurors:

Catherine Johnson — Art Producer, Art Buyer and Branding Consultant Amy Yvonne Yu — Art Buyer, Producer, Creative Consultant Mary Goodwin — Founder, Waltz Books

carefully considered more than 200 projects, and then debated the merits of the work during a lively conference call to narrow the field to 24 finalists.

Each year, the ASMP Best Of Issue highlights the talented ASMP members making remarkable work, selected by a jury of notable creatives and influencers in the photography community. ASMP’s Best Of 2015 is a celebration of 24 photographers from 12 chapters in the U.S. who, combined, shoot a range of commercial, editorial, fine-art, documentary and personal work.



It is a gift to find a photographer who can so clearly communicate why she photographs the things she does and how they are important to who she is.  Vicky talks brilliantly about the connection(s) she feels with her work in an interview >>> HERE <<< with ASMP as a supplement to the award, “Best of 2015.”



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